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Powerback 26: Put Your Inner Thoughts on Loudspeaker

July 10, 2019
The Gutsy Podcast
Powerback 26: Put Your Inner Thoughts on Loudspeaker
The Gutsy Podcast
Powerback 26: Put Your Inner Thoughts on Loudspeaker
Jul 10, 2019
Laura Wallace | Worx Graphic Design
This week, I’ve been sporting my inner darkest insecurities—those lies I've allowed myself to believe based off the words or actions of others throughout my life.
Show Notes

If you didn't tune into Tuesday's episode with Amy Taylor, The Shame Eliminator, I'm going to highly recommend you put on the breaks, pause this episode, and go back. But if you did listen to it, you know all about shame and those things we tell ourselves. For this week's Powerback, we're going to talk about our inner thoughts.

So we say a lot of shit to ourselves, but we don't say it out loud. We say it internally. Because realistically—we don't really want anyone else to hear what we're saying. But we believe it ourselves.

If you've been following along with me on social media this week, you know I've been doing something that has taken an immense amount of gutsy for the last eight weeks. I've invested my time and energy into working with an executive coach named Kate Blake.

If you're not familiar with Kate, I highly recommend you look her up. She is a spitfire and she's been helping me to overcome beliefs that have been ingrained in me; deep, dark insecurities that I've allowed to influence what I have and have not been able to do. Ultimately, this shit has held me back from being 110% who I know I can be. So I just kinda got to a point in life where I'm not willing to be stuck anymore.

There's the saying that a rising tide lifts all ships. And guess what? When we're hanging on to mental baggage, we're not raising the tide or the ship. So Kate posed me with this challenge to wear my insecurity is on a t-shirt. And my first thought was, why in the hell would you have me do that? And then she explained to me that to ultimately overcome your insecurities, you have to not only be willing to face them but not be ashamed of them.

So the trick here is just to be insanely aware of what you're saying to yourself. Pause and reroute. What else can you say to yourself in replace of that negative thought? If you're saying I'm fat, try I'm gorgeous. If you're saying I'm a shitty business person, what about look at this incredible business that I have made and how far I have come. It's all about stopping in the moment and replacing those things with healthy, beautiful statements to encourage yourself to keep going. Because guess what? If you can't believe those things, then how on earth do we expect anyone else to? It's not everyone else's responsibility to make us feel amazing. We have to be willing to own those things first.

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