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Powerback 27: Finding Your Power Source

July 18, 2019
The Gutsy Podcast
Powerback 27: Finding Your Power Source
The Gutsy Podcast
Powerback 27: Finding Your Power Source
Jul 18, 2019
Laura Wallace | Worx Graphic Design
Set yourself up for success before a big day, a meeting, or just on a regular day so you feel like you can perform to your best ability.
Show Notes

I'll tell you what, nothing kills a vibe quicker than not feeling like you've got all of your shit put together when preparing for something big. And while this definitely alludes to Episode 25 about planning out your day to kinda reduce extra anxiety, today I want to talk about preparing yourself physically and mentally.

It's so easy to run in a hundred different directions, taking care of everything you feel needs to taken care of, making sure everyone else has what they need, and then you realize it's the 11th hour and you have no idea what you're going to wear, of course it's going to be one of those bad hair days where nothing looks right, clothes aren't fitting right, and you just don't feel like you've got yourself together.

Mentally, you feel really foggy and overwhelmed. You just don't feel like you're able to nail it, which is a really challenging way to enter into a great opportunity. I mean, if you don't feel well-prepared physically, mentally, or spiritually through your work—or whatever it is—then the chances of something slipping through the cracks or you not celebrating that success becomes greater. You kind of slip into this mindset of, oh, thank God that's over with vs. I really freaking nailed that and we're going to have a celebratory toast after this week.

I want you to take your power back by finding your power source. This is something you can easily implement into your daily routine to get you feeling on point again. This concept first came up when I was listening to another podcast that RobinNYC from Peloton was on, and she talked about finding your power source. For her, it's just this subtle gold ring she slips on her finger to feel like a boss. It transforms her entire mindset for what she's about to go into. Which got me really thinking—there are a THOUSAND different subtle ways we can lift our spirits (tune in to hear some examples of mine!).

Maybe it's a color you feel incredible in. Maybe there's a handful of songs that really speak to you. And by the time you get where you're going, you're doing jumping jacks and feeling like a badass. The cool thing is, there's no right or wrong here.

Join me next week on The Gutsy Podcast as we have oil painter and mixed media artist, Allie Dattilio on building a brand and making sales through Instagram. Oh, the platform of dreams, so many visual beautiful things. Allie has been able to grow her following to over 24,000 people and runs a very successful artistic business online.

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