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Powerback 29: Own Your Core Negative Beliefs

August 01, 2019
The Gutsy Podcast
Powerback 29: Own Your Core Negative Beliefs
The Gutsy Podcast
Powerback 29: Own Your Core Negative Beliefs
Aug 01, 2019
Laura Wallace | Worx Graphic Design
Build awareness around your core negative beliefs and how they affect your actions.
Show Notes

If you tuned in earlier this week, you heard I had three incredibly special guests, the Worx girls—the amazing powerhouse women that went through #LiberationWeek with me. This week, I want you to take your power back by owning your core negative beliefs.

So how does one even figure out their core negative beliefs? Well, this is really a time for reflection to get real with yourself. Maybe you've never allowed yourself the emotional space or the energy to say, Hey, you know what? This is what's actually going on and is the root cause of all of the things that have happened around me.

For instance, one of my core negative beliefs is I am too much. And that stems back from some childhood events that happened. Laura, shut up. Laura, you're too loud. And I carried that core negative beliefs with me throughout my whole life.

But it wasn't until I got quiet with myself and really thought what is holding me back from growing my business to where I know it could be. What is holding me back from being the bold, beautiful personality that I am? What is holding me back from dressing the way I feel most confident? What is holding me back from speaking up when I know I need to say something? So through this Liberation Week exercise, I was able to identify these questions and can now say, I believe in you, Laura. Yes, we can do these things.
Now, I see those core beliefs coming like a freight train with a flashing light on it. And once aware, so will you. You're going to be able to say, Okay, I see you. I know what's happening now. I know why I am reacting and responding this way. You will have this beautiful opportunity to change your response to it. So instead of reacting, you can respond. You can stop yourself for a moment, reroute, and actually head down the path you deserve.

It takes us out of this gas and breaks system. So we have an idea and we hit the gas, we're all for it, right? And then all of a sudden we slam on the brakes because something has happened or one of those beliefs pop up. Then we have another idea and we hit on the gas and we go really hard for really long. Wait, nope—brakes again.

Guys, whiplash is a real thing. And emotional whiplash is no different. By recognizing your core negative beliefs, you can coast a little bit easier, speed up when you need to, and slow down when you need to. You get to eliminate some of that knee-jerk like gas and go brake and stop—that hard emotional shit you've been doing to yourself.

And I want you to remember too, it's not about getting rid of these negative core beliefs. Yes, these have been instilled in you. They're kind of part of your DNA at this point. And the first time I heard that I was discouraged because I thought, Oh my God, I'm always gonna feel like I'm too much. Well, it's actually one of my superpowers, too, because that's what keeps me humble as I continue to grow on my path.

So know your core beliefs—we're not trying to get rid of. We're not trying to reprimand them. We're trying to invite it along in the car ride—but we're the ones driving now. They have no power to drive your vehicle anymore.

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