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Powerback 141: Undoing But I've Always...

December 15, 2022 LauraAura
The Gutsy Podcast | personal development, entrepreneurship, mindset, alignment, intuition and energy
Powerback 141: Undoing But I've Always...
Show Notes

Do you want to stay where you are today? 

Do you want to keep doing these things that are draining your soul out? 

Do you want to keep living as a smaller version of what you innately know you are?

While I understand that there may be some challenging circumstances, that doesn't have to be your permanent story. If you want something different, you have to do things differently.

Look, my friend, you get to choose. I know that you've been conditioned to believe otherwise, but you get to choose what your life looks and feels like, what your business looks and feels like, and what your relationships look and feel like. You get to choose this life because it is yours.

This is not an overnight fix. This is not a five-step program. This is not a magic pill. This is the real work. But if you’re willing to take your Powerback® and start living.

I’m sharing 3 steps to do today and moving forward to help you step into your fullest aligned version.

This Powerback® is the last episode that will air in 2022 on The Gutsy Podcast and I encourage you to look back on this year, reflect on it, and bask in the glory of the amazing things you accomplished.

I also want to take a second and thank you so, so much, my friend! I send you, your family, your friends, and your loved ones so much love, and so much respect.

Talk to you in the New Year! And remember, continue to stay your gutsy self!

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