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59: The Power of Sexual Energy with Jamie Elizabeth Thompson

March 17, 2020 Laura Wallace | worx&co
59: The Power of Sexual Energy with Jamie Elizabeth Thompson
The Gutsy Podcast | personal development, entrepreneurship, mindset, alignment, intuition and energy
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The Gutsy Podcast | personal development, entrepreneurship, mindset, alignment, intuition and energy
59: The Power of Sexual Energy with Jamie Elizabeth Thompson
Mar 17, 2020
Laura Wallace | worx&co

Let’s talk about sex, baby. I have been manifesting this episode for months!! 

The power that we hold within our bodies is one of our most resourceful yet underutilized tools. The power of sexual energy directly correlates back to your success, your freedom, and your livelihood. And when that energy isn’t released, it has to go somewhere – body pain, depression, anxiety, anger…  When you’re exhausted and burnout, it means that you’ve been tapped into your masculine energy for too long. 

This week, we’re unlocking your secret business weapon: the power of the orgasm. When you drop into your divine feminine power, you’ll find that you work less and create more. When you learn how to surrender and trust, you’re tapping into connection with the source which is a level of frequency that is unlike no other which means you start winning on another level. 

I had my own ah hah moment on this episode, and even share one of my favorite climaxing rituals (raw moment!!). Start being your own magic – stop thinking and start enjoying. Remember, you were DESIGNED for pleasure.  

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Let’s talk about sex, baby. I have been manifesting this episode for months!! 

The power that we hold within our bodies is one of our most resourceful yet underutilized tools. The power of sexual energy directly correlates back to your success, your freedom, and your livelihood. And when that energy isn’t released, it has to go somewhere – body pain, depression, anxiety, anger…  When you’re exhausted and burnout, it means that you’ve been tapped into your masculine energy for too long. 

This week, we’re unlocking your secret business weapon: the power of the orgasm. When you drop into your divine feminine power, you’ll find that you work less and create more. When you learn how to surrender and trust, you’re tapping into connection with the source which is a level of frequency that is unlike no other which means you start winning on another level. 

I had my own ah hah moment on this episode, and even share one of my favorite climaxing rituals (raw moment!!). Start being your own magic – stop thinking and start enjoying. Remember, you were DESIGNED for pleasure.  

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LauraAura:   0:00
SEX. Yeah, I'm gonna come right out in this episode and say the word sex. It's such a hush hush word yet behind closed doors. It's a huge part of who we are. There is power in the connection, and there is power in the release. So many of you are ashamed of your sexual desires or think that you're crazy or too much. Girl, as a fellow freak in the sheets were gonna rip off that entire band aid and normalize the topic of sex and how that relates to your business.  

LauraAura:   1:00
Today we're talking about the power of sexual energy and how that can actually fuel your business. And to do that, I brought in an amazing expert in sexual healing. Over the last decade, Jamie Elizabeth Thompson has developed a body of work to support women, men and couples with letting go of negative patterns around sex so they can have a fulfilling, intimate life. Jamie is the founder of Awakening your erotic news. A community for women to reconnect with their feminine sensuality and turn on their orgasmic potential. Jamie has traveled the world teaching, facilitating masterminds, hosting retreats and working with private clients on how to up level their success and creativity to the mastery of sexual arts. Jamie, welcome to the gutsy podcast.

Jamie:   1:49
Thanks for having me on. I love this. That we're speaking into the to the freak in the sheets within all of us here.

LauraAura:   1:55
Oh, girl, Yes. This is this is a fair game conversation. You know, I I have been manifesting having this conversation for months, so I could not tell you how excited I am to really just dig into this.

Jamie:   2:08
Me too. It's my favorite topic.

LauraAura:   2:10
So I'm curious. How did this become like, How did this become your life? Tell me the backstory of your entrepreneurial journey.

Jamie:   2:19
Yeah, that's a great question. So my life began in a very conservative, traditional Christian home, and I was aware of the box that I felt everyone around me was living in this small town that I grew up in and very quickly decided that I was going to break out of that box. And I think a lot of us who are entrepreneurs have that kind of drive where it's just like I don't even know where it comes from. There's just something in me that was like, this is It's not the life I want and I looked around and no one was living the life I wanted. So I moved to California and began studying the sexual arts and getting into coaching and studying neuroscience and quantum physics and Tantra and through that process began working with people in the same field and became really fascinated by how it was working with people in dating and relationships, and working with them on communication and relating styles and and how to open yourself to love. And the one thing that I found that was a sticking point. The obstacle that was getting in the way for so many of the women and couples that I was working with was sexuality. And, um, you know, a repression of one's sexuality or not really owning their desire, not really being able to communicate that about their desire, having shame about their desire. All of this is completely normal and actually bread and conditioned into us from many different angles through our culture, through media and sex education and Hollywood and religion. And there's just a lot of programming that doesn't work about sexuality. And so I was finding that this was the thing that was getting in the way. I mean, one and three divorces is because of sex. So it's ending relationships, and it's having things, not work. And so I really honed in on that and, um, was able to also turn a relationship around that I was having that was very sexually unfulfilling through really finding the power and unleashing the power of this energy in my own body and using my body as a source of energy and power and pleasure, and was able to to help shift my partner into being able to do the same thing. And so it completely turned our sex life around and so it just is something that I have been fascinated by and working with for for the last decade and specifically now have shifted into working with high powered women because there's what's so fun about working with high powered women is they are like, Yes, I will use my orgasm to fuel my business. Yes, I will Look at how the bedroom can be the greatest personal development tool that I haven't learned how to use yet. And they understand that there is power in going outside of the box because that is why that's what's driving us in business, right? That's why we are doing something different and doing something that inspires us. And so, um, I'm really excited to be here and dive into this with you here today.

LauraAura:   6:01
Yeah, this was this was fascinating. I love you're like, scientific side of this is well, because, you know, there it much like anything that is, you know, "out of the box" or a normal or untraditional things like meditation or grounding or using crystals for healing. And, you know, there's a lot of what a lot of people might consider woo-woo things. I am about as woo-woo as you can get, so I believe wholeheartedly and just really tapping into yourself energetically. But I love the scientific side of this, so I love to hear just a little bit more about the science behind sex and the power that it brings.

Jamie:   6:37
Absolutely. Um, well, what's interesting is there's in Dallas philosophy. I'm gonna go the other way first. They talk about sexual energy as a concentrated version of your life force. So you know, a lot of us have heard the word Chi right. That's the Taoist word for, um, are universal life force. They actually call sexual energy Jing Chi, because it's a more potent, concentrated version. So when we unlock that sexual energy that Jing Chi, it actually brings more energy into our physical body and they're another's research that talks about how orgasm like having an orgasm a day or making sure that you are actually having orgasms brings, balances your brain chemistry and lowers cortisol, which is a stress hormone, increases your serotonin production, which is the happy brain chemical and is just generally good for clearing your body. So on on the Eastern and the Western. There's different ways of talking about it. But if we're really just looking at sexual energy and your orgasmic energy and like your brain, if you hook your brain up to an EKG and you see what happens in your brain when you haven't orgasm, the whole thing is lighting up. And so in that, it's actually a space where in the space of orgasm and especially we can learn to prolong that space and really work with it as a tool. I think our orgasm is a personal development on the tool, so we won't really work with it that way. Then we can consciously use that energy to manifest. We can consciously use that energy to heal ourselves, and we can use that energy to bring in inspiration and open ourselves to, you know, to an Inspiration. Um, you know, they in France in French orgasm is la petite Mort, which means the little death. So every time we have an orgasm, there's like this. Our body hits a reset, and a lot of us have experience that It's like, Oh, yeah, it could be good for stress relief and there's there's some, like, really surface level and very valuable reasons to have orgasm. And then there's a much deeper reasons. And so maybe we can get into some of those here today as well.

LauraAura:   9:20
Yeah, I would. Look, I'm you have my undivided attention. I'd love to hear about those.

Jamie:   9:25
Yeah, yeah, I mean, so one of the things that happens in that space is it? It's in that space of the little death. I just love that because it's in that space of full surrender. We're really letting go where something else can take whole, right? Like our higher self or universal intelligence or God or a higher power. However you see, that can have an opportunity to really take the wheel. So it's like, Do you know how when you know, when you really want something and you're you know, there might be that energy of force where it's like we're like, I really want this and I'm forcing my way through and then all at once, something happens around like OK, I'm just gonna let go and I'm gonna forget about it. And then, of course, at that moment of the thing happens. So in orgasm, it's that's what it's like. It's like creating an energy where it's like we are. You have a vision and you can one of the practices that I invite women into in the awakening Erotic muse course, my online community, is actually focusing, visioning, like actually doing the work that many of us know how to do it, you know, creating a vision, feeling it in our body. And then I actually say, bring that into your self pleasure session and focus on that vision and then in the moment of orgasm and as you're building to that, to actually release it into the atmosphere because at that moment you are piercing through to a higher frequency at the moment of orgasm. So that's my hippie way of saying what I said earlier about your brain lighting up in an EKG right. It's like you are piercing through to a place where more of you is present. So if you're holding a vision at that time, then the possibilities and the inspirations and the new ideas are more likely to be able to trickle in. In that moment of surrender, because you're out of your head, right in those moments of surrender, it's like when you're actually happening an orgasm, you are not thinking about your to-do list. You're in a moment of surrender, and so that's when something new can come in. So that's one way to use your orgasm as a way to really fuel your business.

LauraAura:   12:01
I love it. So I love the validation because, you know, I know that at that heightened sense, I am a higher vibration version of myself. I'm actually sometimes not even in myself. So what I love to do is what I consider like manifesting during orgasm, where I think about a goal or what I'm working towards or you know, something that I'm really just, you know, inviting to be in my life, and I will focus on that whole heartedly and then release it. So I I love that you said this because it almost validates that this is a thing to do and that it's actually really powerful.

Jamie:   12:38
That's so great. I love hearing that you're doing that.

LauraAura:   12:40
Yeah, it's It's incredible. And that's, you know, that's one of the many reasons I wanted to bring this topic up because one of the other things I think it's fairly common is that the word sex and the concept of sex and talking about sex is such a taboo topic. So I'm curious how you have helped people to normalize it or, you know, invited to be part of their life and know that you know, it's safe and beautiful and natural.

Jamie:   13:09
Yes, here's the thing that is so fascinating about taboo is, when there is something that is considered taboo, because we're not supposed to do it, we all know that part of us that you know, the you know, the child or the teenager that when you say, Oh, you know, don't run in the street, is gonna run in the street. It's just going to try that. And so it's when something has such a taboo projection on it, like sex does in our culture, it ends up gaining a lot of power. So when we look towards that and lean into it and feel the discomfort that might bring to lean into something that is considered taboo. We are directly accessing that power. All that power that has been projected onto the taboo of sexuality and pleasure, is just rich. It's fertile with energy that we can actually use and source in ourself when we connect with that part. So I find that one thing that it could be helpful for people to unlike, kind of just wiggle this taboo a little bit like I look at it like it's like sometimes our sexuality can be like a tangled knot of Christmas lights right where it's like they're It's like it's like you look at it and it's confusing or you don't know what you want or you know there's shame and there's, you know, judgment and, self criticism and inadequacy and performance and all kinds of pieces that are mixed up in one of the most purely, creative, healing, and powerful acts that human beings can engage in. I mean, we all got here because people had sex, right? So the fact that it's taboo is just very, very interesting to me. And I think that there are people in power who are gaining something from this being in the taboo from being in what I would call distortion where it's not a clear, clean energy that is just like, yes, this is for healing, pleasure, and power and that's okay. There's something about, you know, it just  dis-empowering the people through having this energy be locked away in a box. And so if we can start to look at the light, take a step back and look at the meta of of why? Why would this be taboo? If this is something that everyone does like, why would this be put in a box and, you know, to understand, like where our programming actually came from and why we have the experience of it being taboo. Now, the ways that this programming gets delivered are generally through sex education and, religion. Which, even if we're not religious, the puritanical programming is seeped into our culture and then through media. So through those three places, um, people get their programming. And if their programming comes from media, and they picked up something for media than often, it's telling you that you need to perform. And that your performance matters more than your pleasure. Or media programming is telling you that you're inadequate and you need to, you know, take this medication in order to have a higher sex drive or you need to, you know wear these clothes or, put on this makeup or, you know, look like this. There's a lot of media programming that's like, you're not sexy unless you are THIS particular model that we're going to airbrush put in this magazine, right? And so women end up not feeding sexy, and not feeling too desirable and not loving themselves. And so that greatly impacts one's experience of their sexuality and their sex drive. So if we can move past the taboo, we can look at this and see, Oh, wow, This is actually where some of this has come from. And then there's sex education. Now, often with sex education, the programming, when we can get past the taboo and look at it, is one of, um, very mechanical. It's like, OK, so when you have sex, you know, here's the banana. You put the condom on the banana and then and you put the penis in the vagina and it's kind of like, Okay, that's not very inspiring. And I'm definitely not, right? So the sex education version of Sex is like purely mechanical, and it's about the what, but it's not about the how? It's not about the curiosity and the pleasure in the innocence and the juice that surrounds sexuality. So you know a lot of us who who had, you know, just got the, you know, the basic sex education and experiencing like that, you know, if you imagine that sexuality in its wholeness is like a pie, you know, they're experiencing like, ah, 3% slice of the pie, right? Where it's not actually the potential in all directions of what sexuality can really bring. And then the third programming is the, you know, the religious or the moral programming. So this programming can be really deep and this is where it can be really taboo. I think that this programming has the most taboo around sexuality because there's a lot of shame and repression because in, you know, if you're told, look, if you want to be desired by a man like you better be smart because if you're a slut, then no one's gonna like you. So don't don't like sex too much. Be a good girl, right? So then that programming really limits the internal, you know, freak in the sheets, as you mentioned earlier. Like it's like you don't get to be that part of yourself. You don't get to be the part of yourself that loves sexuality, and this is the one that I had the most of. This is the one that I was I was raised in. And, um so it's like there's a repression that's like, God doesn't want you to have have sex outside of marriage or pleasure. If this is just for procreation, you know, sex is something that you have to, you know, to make more babies and carry on the human race and enjoying it is really an afterthought and so, and there could be a lot of shame in the collapse and the convoluted nature of thinking that pleasure is like the source of evil, which is actually an underlying belief system that exists in a lot of moral and religious programming around sex. So if we can really start to dismantle, like, untangle these Christmas lights of what our sexual programming has been, then we can open ourselves up to creating a whole new realm, like a completely new paradigm where this is actually not something that is taboo, but rather something that has been conditioned to be taboo. And so what I asked people at this point after, like looking at these different programmings and really feeling into what are the belief systems that that I grew up with? And you know what? What was my what was my family of origins experience of sexuality, And what did they teach me? What did I learn at school? What did I learned from media? What did I learn from my friends like really unpacking all of that, you know, which is work that a lot of you know us female entrepreneurs have done in the world of business and finances, right? So it's like just taking that work that we've done and moving it into this area and looking at what of these belief systems are my creation and what are by default? And how are those that are by default actually serving or not serving me living in my highest, most powerful, most resourced, most radiant sensual feminine self.

LauraAura:   21:42
This is fantastic. And in one of the things that I just jotted down, I see it's like this woven piece is that a lot of women, and especially entrepreneurial women, but a lot of women are only doing what they are taught is right or okay. Like you talked about it being taught in school. You talked about it being taught in religion. And so then when you have this kind of high level eccentric version of yourself, that's where a lot of shame comes in like, Oh, like, there's probably something wrong with me or I'm weird, or I'm a freak or like something is going on. So I should suppress that because somebody's gonna think that I'm nuts. Yes, So then you you don't act on it, but then I know even personally, but just in general. Like when you hold that in that, I almost look at it like sexual tension, Like when there is so much of that energy inside of you and it has no place to go. It can get really messy and crazy and you don't know what to do with yourself. And I think it just leads to a lot of challenges in life when that stuff is bottled up.

Jamie:   22:49
Yes. I mean, it leads to, you know, when that energy is not released, it has to go somewhere. So there's a way that it actually implodes. And, um and this is where you know, a lot of women, you know, start getting, um you know, start having health problems, even from this. I've seen you know, there was a woman. There was a woman in my course That was, um that was having, like, pain in her, you know, in her in her Yoni when she when she was having sex. And it was from this, like bottling it up in this tension. When was able to actually release it, it was it was like the vitality came back and then she you know, her gut issues started healing and she started having more energy. And then she didn't need as much sleep because she was more resource. And it was It was like the energy actually started flowing. Because if there's a kink in the hose and, you know, like you said and even just having a view of our sexuality, that is like, Oh, well, this part is not okay, is creating a kink in our own hose. And so we're actually shooting yourself in the foot by not allowing all of us to be in our fullness and all of us to be online and active. So there's a way that this really can work in in in Healing as well.

LauraAura:   24:24
It makes so much sense. You alluded to something earlier that I'd love to tap into a well, and you were talking about your relationship and how this was not always present and how you guys work together. So I know that a lot of the women listening, maybe thinking like, Okay, well, I'm ready to go all in, but maybe my partner is not. Or maybe I'm, you know, maybe I'm single or, you know, the opportunity just isn't there. What kind of guidance do you give both people in a relationship, but also our single ladies on how to really harness into this energy?

Jamie:   24:58
Yeah, I think, one of the greatest entry points is just by having a really honest look internally before bringing it to a partner, before bringing it to someone we're dating or, you know, it's it's to really look internally and see. You know, am I really in relationship with the range of desire? Do you know, do I feel like I'm turned on in life like am I? Am I moving from my logic and my brain and my masculine and what I think I should do? Or am I lit up and turned on and moving from the inspiration of my soul's guidance? And that's just a good place to look. And if you're not feeling lit up and turn on on a regular daily basis than checking in and seeing what parts of your you know, sexual expression, you're feminine. Your sensuality. Your desire. What parts of that are being cut off? Suppressed, judged, criticized. Shut down. Like what parts of that are being swept under the rug. And this is an excellent journal exercise to really just write that down. And even if there's things that you're like, Whoa, I can't believe that I just wrote that. But I actually, you know, I actually want to be dominated. Oh, my goodness, right? Like, write it down like let it move. And so that we are not in an illusion to ourselves. Before we can have a healthy sexual connection with someone else. We have to be in congruence and alignment with our own desire. So in really writing those things down, I have a tool called the Erotic Menu, which is really supportive for looking at what are what your desires are and how you can, um, look deeper into them like expand the possibility inside of your desire. Because there's some desire that's very energetically based, and there's some desire that is more sensually based there some desire that is like a very primal energy and there's some that it actually is in the taboo realm, where it's like you want you want things that are that a part of you feels is, you know, a little wrong, but it's actually something that you really want. So it's like really breaking down in these different elements of the erotic menu, and I'll include that here so you you guys can have a look at that. But when you can break it down, then looking at like what your real desires are and what it would feel like if if you had them. Like, what would that do for you in your body? Like where? Like, what is the turn on feel like that you want to be having and starting to let yourself have that experience? And this is where some woman come up with, you know, blocks get in the way and there's this is where some of the programming or just the not ever having a conscious adult erotic education and so the erotic menu can really support with that. And then you know, the next step is is really beginning your practice. So this is where in the online community Awakening Your Erotic Muse and the curriculum associated with that is about developing a ritual of pleasure. It's about developing a ritual of bringing curiosity to your own body again. Like bringing love and focused attention and awakening one sensuality and inner well of radiance again. And really looking at like where am I blocking my own pleasure? Where am I blocking my own turn on which is a source of feminine power. And so in looking at that and developing a practice, then the energy starts moving, and this is a great time, to then invite a partner into it. So what? The mistake I see a lot of people make who have partners or who are dating or who are in long term relationships where sex is an issue, is they immediately go to thinking that the other person is a problem. And wanting to have you know their partner change or wanting to have the men that they're dating change. And this is something that I call "outsourcing your turn on" and outsourcing your turn on is is expecting that someone else is supposed to provide you your turn on. And I completely understand why people have this view because this is what media teaches us. This is what we are taught is that he is the source of pleasure. We are not the source of pleasure. So coming back to that place where a woman knows internally that she is the source off her own pleasure is a very empowered place for a woman to be standing in and from there as the turn on begins moving, inviting a partner into that through clear and honest communication about some of the things you're discovering about your desire and it can be inspiring. It's it could be a very inspiring conversation that is something like, You know, I I've began looking at how I can be more lit up and turn on in general in life and access my feminine radiance and my sensuality. And I'm really excited about it in that I've discovered some parts of my desire that have been shut down, due you to you know, this programming that I received growing up and the fact that I'm you know, uh ah feminine woman who's wearing a masculine mask to succeed in business. And, you know, I'm coming back into my feminine, and these are some things that I'm realizing I desired. You know, are you open to exploring some of this with me? And that can be the conversation you have with your partner, which is much more inspiring than like, you know, our sex life sucks. And it's your fault, right? So and you know it so that that's how I see the continuing going that ends up being really supportive. And then as a couple, you can create something that I call "an erotic ritual", and you can have personal erotic rituals. You can have erotic rituals together, but it's where you're entering the space of sexuality as like you're going into a sacred space. You take your shoes off, you light the candles, you know, you make sure the room is pristine and clean, and it's like the space that you enter and you come into connection and your soul to soul, heart to heart, eye to eye. Like really entering this space with an intentionality of like What are we creating here? Because this is the energy that creates life, it's the energy that brought us all here. And it's the energy that creates anything. Sexual energy is creative energy. So if we can shift the way that we're, we are looking at it and enter it front as as a dojo and as a ritualistic, sacred space. And then there's a lot that can be created both individually and as a couple.

LauraAura:   32:37
Amazing. I really, really love the way that you approached the conversation. Like, Are you open to exploring this with me? Like you hit the nail on the head when you know when you go right at it with this, Like I'm ready to go into fight club mode. You know, everybody kind of shuts down, right? But I really love this. Like, you know, we are talking to very powerful, high energetic, you know, want more out of life female entrepreneurs. And I think sometimes when you go into that space, we feel like, oh, now I'm being, you know, I'm being that intensive female again or, you know, people are gonna look at me in a certain way or, you know, I'm stating my authorities, so it's almost, um I don't want to say offensive, but like, you're too much, right? But really, by my going inward, I feel like we're exploring the different version. And not that we really need reason. But I feel like it almost gives us reason and depth and purpose to why we're in need of these things in the first place?

Jamie:   33:44
Yes. You know, there's something that you just said that, uh, really I want to touch on a little bit because of who your audience is. And, um, you know, I imagine many, many of your listeners have the experience of being like, where is my feminine energy? Because I have just seen this overlap between women who are really successful in life for women who are, you know, pursuing a career and really in business and creating impact in the world where often the masculine side can can be highly developed. And that's how we become successful. I know. I mean, I that one of the reasons that had me turned to really resourcing myself with the sexual arts and coming back into a more feminine magnetic place was I hit a burn out. Like I was so in my masculine and I was really effective and I was achieving and I burned out and I became overwhelmed and like I had to lay down for two weeks straight. I mean, it was like that happened. And so there's this way that if we are truly more feminine in nature, like have a stronger feminine polarity than masculine polarity. But yet we are using our masculine polarity to create in life that there's even more of a need to be able to come back to this place that we're speaking of today of, of the feminine magnetism and the place where we're resourced by our own energy. And so there's a way that it that often I see, uh, women who are really successful have a harder time with being in their feminine and really turning off that masculine layer when when they come home, like actually being able to reset themselves to be in their feminine, to then help hope polarize their partner into their masculine. And so there can be this kind of battle, and that's where you know the Fight Club question comes from that they come home when they're like, Wait, we're not having a good sex life and it's like, Okay, wait, how are we approaching? How can we approach this from the place that you mentioned of, like that inner, just delicious, resourced, pleasure filled place and when we come to our partner from that place, were empowering them to to be in their masculine the way that we want them to, and we're empowering ourselves to be in our own resource energy. And so there's a way that I find that a lot of women in business have a hard time turning the business off. And so that's where creating a ritual where we, like, step out of fight club and into like sacred erotic temples space. Like how do we step out of that mindset into out of the logic mindset and set into the magic mindset and and so that often can come from really just creating a practice with ourselves or a partner that is a reset? And I mean resets can be as simple as I mean, as lighting some candles and you're making a glass of hot tea and maybe just tuning into some sensuality and in our body by, you know, some physical touch, like, you know, just actually touching our, you know, our arms are a neck or chest or legs just in a way that feel sensual or running a bath with essential oils. And, you know, just actually letting ourself stop the thinking and come into a place of, uh, enjoying our feminine body again. And so there's a lot of different ways to reset, and that's it, and practices that can be really supportive with that. And that is another part of the tools that are in the awakening your erotic muse community to help us reset so that we can spend part of our day being in our magic and not just in our logic. And then the advanced course of this is how can we be in our magic even while we are creating in our business? And so you know, we can have these little I call them "central state changes where we, you know, it's like before you get on a light, for example, right now, it's like before I get on the podcast call I you know, I light a candle and I stop and I and I come into a place of being in my own sensuality. And it's like a reset, right? Or as we're emailing or us, we're on the phone. It's like being in a place where were in our body moving and in our physical and emotional experience and not just like this disassociated head. That's like, where's just only living in our head and only thinking we like forgot that we have this amazing body. And so finding a way to be, um, turned on and resource throughout the day is really the advanced course of what we're talking about here.

LauraAura:   38:58
You know, I never even put two and two together, and what you were saying was like literally giving me chills like, I know that sometimes my husband be like I can tell that you're still in "work mode", and I never put two and two together that that is more my masculine side coming out and not being in tune with my feminine side. And sometimes it can be really challenging to make that switch. So that's where it seems like having that ritual or that very intentional switch. Where we're like, OK, I've been like, I've been a boss all day, and I've been directing and calling and, you know, guiding and doing all these things as the boss. But when I come home, I don't need to be a Boss anymore. I get to be an amazing, like, powerful wife and mother and just be present in myself. So that just kind of blows my mind. I never put two and two together that my "work mode" is, um, really me still being in my masculine energy. Fascinating.  

LauraAura:   40:01
What a great realization. Yeah. I mean, you know, so much of of what we talk about here and what we're implementing and just, you know, all across the board is just awareness, right? Like when you when you have an awareness around something, like all of a sudden, you're like, "Oh, I didn't I didn't recognize that before." It's like when you buy a red car, you never see red cars. But all of a sudden, when you buy a red car, all of a sudden, everybody and their brother has a red car. So, you know, it's just that in tune awareness about that particular level of energy that you are in.

Jamie:   40:36
Yes, and you know, one little, just a little practice. I'll give you just right here right now, because so many, so many women have exactly what you just said, where their partners like, you know, I can tell you're still in work mode, but you know, like that is such a common thing. And, um, you know, there's so there's something in science called mirror neurons. Have you heard of this? I've not. So mirror neurons is a part of our neurology and body chemistry that syncs up with another person and so we can actually drop into, ah, state of residence. Where are parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for our rest and relaxed state begins to be stimulated so that we actually relax out of our sympathetic nervous system, which is the fight or flight response. And so often when we are still in work mode and it's like it's time to slow down and get out of it but we haven't yet, there's an opportunity to come into connection with to come into connection with your partner and allow the mirror neurons to begin firing so that your parasympathetic nervous system begins to slow down and relax. And, um so how you can do this is by simply, um, you know, physical touch can be could be really supportive if you just put one hand on his heart and he puts his hand on your heart and you actually begin breathing deeply together while looking in each other's eyes for two minutes. And that's kind of a magic time frame. And in the two minute period, you're nervous systems will actually begin to sync up, just like when when a baby lays on t's mother's chest. Their heartbeats sicking up their nervous system sync up in it like relaxes. So you can do that with each other as a means of dropping into a more still resonant statea And something as simple and quick as that can be a state change. And then to bring in intimacy and connection. You know, after this, you can share, you know, something I'm noticing in this moment right now is or you know how I'm feeling now in connection with you is and, you know, have a couple of sentences or something like like those to bring in a little bit of intimacy and something as simple as that can literally be the state change that is needed to re set yourself into your feminine and into a more enjoyable, you know, place of being with your partner.

LauraAura:   43:23
Oh, so beautiful. Like it's almost calming Just thinking about it. Yeah, you know, it's just really just pausing because, you know, these are busy, hustling women, which I'm gonna talk about the word hustle in a second. But, you know, just taking the intentional time to just slow down and recognize your partner and know that they're not there to, like, fight and combat you like they legitimately want to help. And a lot of times, they just don't know how. But we have to be able to release and surrender to be able to allow them to enter our space as well.

Jamie:   43:55
That's right. That's right. Often they're they're just waiting for, you know, the invitation. But there's no invitation in work mode, right? There's no invitation in, you know, in being in your masculine logical self. There's not actually the space for the invitation. And often I see men are like that. They're waiting for it. And then, you know, eventually they could become shut down because they haven't received the invitation and so long that, you know, then there's another issue to work with them as well.

LauraAura:   44:25
right? Makes so much sense. You talked a little bit about the word hustle. And you know that word is getting a lot of a lot of praise, but also being really challenged right now. And you talked about magnetization over hustle. And so I'm super curious about that concept.

Jamie:   44:43
Yes, this is one of my favorites. So, um, yes, I call it the you know, the masculine hustle or the famine in magnetism. And because hustling in itself is a masculine way of creating results, and it works. So I'm not gonna knock hustle at all because, you know, many people are extremely successful hustling, and, um, and a lot of them also have, you know, burnout and adrenal issues later in life. Because there is there is an impact of that go, go, go energy when there isn't enough relaxation. It's like there isn't enough of a ahhhh, like a really exhale and resting. And some people can really run that for a very long time. Um, now there's a whole another way of being in business, and that is moving from magnetism. This is the feminine magic. So how I would explain this is, you know, that unstoppable feeling of pure body bliss when you first fall in love. Like, just think about that feeling, feel that feeling. And you know how when you're in that space, how people are like, Wow, you're looking extra radiant like, what have you been doing? Did did you cut your hair? Did you get a facial? They're trying to figure out why you are so stunning right now. Um, and when when you're in that place, the first falling in love and people are impacted by it. This is what it feels like to be in your feminine magnetism. This is what it feels like to activate that that secret weapon in business. And so the thing with anyway that we feel is that it's might seem like it's contact and circumstance dependent, but it's actually not. It's actually something that could be internally sourced and turned on just as long as you know how. So that just fell in love feeling is possible to be internally resourced. Earlier, we talked about externally resourcing it and therefore feeling like we need someone or our environment in order to create that to being an internal resource. And so when we can tune into our magnetism, we actually don't need to overcompensate with hustle. And so I see this happen where it's like when women really draw up into their power and they're just in their radiance, they actually work less, but create more because it's like a magnet. It's stuff begins coming in because people are just like, who are you and what are you doing? And how can I get some of it? So as an entrepreneur and someone who's having an impact and is their business when you are your brand or you are the force behind your brand, you don't have to force in order to draw in what you're wanting more off. So when we can be in our our feminine pleasure and pleasure is a big part of magnetism. It's like when you're really in your pleasure and in your turn on, people just want to know what's going on with you. They just they're like, I'll have what she's having right? And so it's just really looking at this belief system of like that women need to hustle in order to be successful. And I've just really seen that that does not need to be true and that we can enjoy the journey if we can learn to really activate this effervescent radiance that is within.

LauraAura:   48:33
So I'd really love to pick your brain on this because I think that this is going to, like, let rapidly penetrate a lot of minds right now, because I think that subconsciously we're trained right or, you know, our environment trains us like that that's what we have to do. You have to go into this masculine if you're if you're not hustling. If you're not working 20 hours a day, if you're not doing all these things, then you're not winning. And so it's very easy to create that pattern. So I'm curious. How do you or what would you advise on how to start kind of undoing that? And how can we tap into our feminine energy so that we can really started thriving? Because there's so many women that are just on the brink of thriving, but it's like an uphill battle, every single direction.

Jamie:   49:19
Yeah, I think a big a big part of it is learning how to surrender and trust. Like there's something about the the posture of surrender. Now when I say surrender, I am still surrender is isn't is an active and inspired posture, but it's not a forward posture. It's not a leaning forward and forcing. Its rather it comes from a space of listening. And so you know, it's it's the responsive. It's a responsive place where you're listening to your internal guidance. You're listening to your life and you're listening to your connection with source and then there's, ah, surrender to that listening. So it's learning how to distinguish what voice is coming from, like my logical mind in my head and what voice is coming from the pulse of life? What voice coming from my innate and wisdom and intelligence that lives in my body? And one way that I find that is really supportive to tune back into that is to actually open a dialogue with our heart, our womb and our vagina. So actually tuning into pussy wisdom. Right and womb wisdom. And each of these energy centers will have a different voice. And you know that something is right when those three voices are all in alignment and they can speak as one voice. So it could be interesting to actually ask yourself a question when there's, like a moment of, like, you know, a business, a business decision or, you know, just something that's important in life and tune in with energy centers. And, you know, put your hands on your heart and you know and ask yourself the question and then open yourself in that surrendered, active, inspired place to, listen. And just just be, you know, just open yourself to listen and then put your hands on your womb and there's a completely different type of voice that comes from that and then putting your hands on your pussy. There's a completely different type of voice that comes from that. And so you know, I call it the "Pussy Oracle" and can actually just listen to this part of ourselves that we're not only making decisions from logic. We're not only moving forward from logic, but we're actually bringing some of these questions into even our self pleasure practice. You know, we talked about that at the beginning of the session is bring a question that you don't know the answer to, and then go pleasure yourself and open yourself to receiving the answer and something as simple as that can even be like, Wow, I just used my my feminine pleasure and energy to give myself a creative and inspired answer to something that I might have just tried to use a formula for, or tried to, you know, use um you know, my only my logic to to uncover the answer to and an innovative answers do not come from logic. Innovative answers come from the moment where we let logic go and open to something greater. So the more we can be doing that, the more we're moving from that hustle place to the magic place.

LauraAura:   53:07
You know, this whole feminine magic place is just so enlightening because I think that this may be the permission that a lot of women didn't don't need, but, you know, maybe a validation to help shift them over something. Because I think sometimes we discredit our feminine energy or, you know, it's not what's widely accepted or, you know, this is not how it works. And we just have all these preconceived notions. But, you know, when we're talking about all these different methods, you can really see the the power. I mean, we are powerful, powerful creatures, like just the fact that we have pussy oracles. I mean, like, what?! I don't know. I just find it really, really encouraging that this is a place of power and honestly, a place of peace. You know, sometimes when you're really operating in that masculine energy for so long, you said, I mean, people end up with adrenal failure and, you know, just complete, like chronic stress and anxiety and depression and all the stuff in its I'm realizing, literally right now in this call that that is because we're operating from a space that doesn't belong to us.

Jamie:   54:19
That's right. And it's interesting because in transitioning from, you know, that you mentioned like a place of peace, you know, and it's like there's this place of relaxation and where we're just in ourselves and we know what that's like. We know what flow states feel like. You know, we know when we're on. We know when we're like? When we're when we're just, like, absolutely slaying, right? And when we're in that place, It's like there's there's a flow that's happening. It's not a force right and the flow is powerful, so it is a force to be reckoned with. But it's not forcing. And there it's like inside of this place, that's not when we're checking out and like, you know, eating Ben and Jerry's and watching TV at the end of the day, right? It's like I think that the way to actually resource yourself and find that place of peace is, you know, people say, I'm relaxing in front of the TV and I'm like, you know, but I actually feel like instead of checking out the practice is about plugging in, Plugging into ourselves and plugging into our source and finding doing things in our off time that is recharging, not just like a neutral, Like sometimes, like watching TV can be this little check out. But it's what about things that are actually recharging and resourcing like being in a bath and, like tuning into your to your heart and your pussy oracle for 10 minutes is going to be more recharging than watching two hours of TV. And you also will save time, right? So it is using some of these different tools. That might seem a little strange at first, but to really bring us back to our body and back to our our center could be a great way to make the shift and find that place of, you know, internal peace that you're speaking of.

LauraAura:   56:13
Yeah, you know that autopilot where we think that we're recharging, but, you know, I mean again, you just you just called it straight for what it is. It's just habit, you know, going into like this mind numbing space where we think that we feel better. But really, we're just in the cycle of repeating old habits that kind of keep us in the same place. Yeah, amazing. Well, I know that I could probably talk to you for another, like, six and 1/2 hours, but I'm curious, as we kind of started around the bend here. Any other advice that you have around, you know, just really harnessing sexual energy as it relates to just being a bad ass boss and entrepreneur and ladypreneur. Or however you want to classify it. Any other advice that you'd love to give for listeners?

Jamie:   57:06
Yes. Um, I you know, I feel like we've, you know, we talked so much about, you know, business and entrepreneurs. And and there's just a way that you know, what I want I want to say is that there's a way that when we're out there, we're creating and we're doing something, and we have a mission. And, you know, thank goodness there are people out there that have purposes and missions and, like, you know, they are the ones who are driving life and like changing the course of life and humanity. And the reminder that I just want to give is about enjoying the journey. And remembering that there is time because what matters is how we are experiencing ourself on the journey. So it's like, why not feel, you know, sexy and in our power and in our pleasure on the journey of success, instead of just being so obsessed with success that we completely put our sexuality and the enjoyment of her own life on the back burner?

LauraAura:   58:16
Amazing. I mean, we can really, truly live and thrive and succeed all in the same space. You know, I think sometimes we just need the reminder that that's really like that can actually happen. But it really starts from within. Yes, amazing it does, Jamie. I'm curious. What gutsy means to you?

Jamie:   58:41
Gutsy means following my truth. Gutsy means not caring whether other people like or agree with what my soul says I need to do in this life.

LauraAura:   59:00
It's amazing. You really don't, and ladies listening. You are the driver of your own navigational path. You get to decide which road you go down and quite frankly, you don't need anyone's permission to do that. Jamie. I also know that everyone is insanely hungry to know, how can I get in touch with you? How can they look at your programs? We talked about the menu. How do we stay in touch with you?

Jamie:   59:26
Yeah, So the two pieces that I mentioned on the call are the Erotic Menu, which is on my website, and we'll have a link to that here and other the course that I mentioned, the online virtual curriculum for awakening your erotic amuse. It's a community of high powered, creative, open-minded entrepreneurial women who are getting back in touch with their feminine radiance, their sensuality and learning how to use that energy to have an even greater impact and more enjoyment and pleasure in their life. That is and then my website, where there's also a form you can fill out if you are interested in one on one coaching and where you can find the erotic menu is J m i E l i Z a B e T h t h o m p s o n dot com. And then I'm also very active in posting lots of content on social media. And my instagram handle is @holisticse coach and my Facebook is M I s s Jamie Elizabeth dot

LauraAura:   1:0:52
com Beautiful guys, if this is not intrigued you enough, I highly encourage that you go check her out. How I found Jamie was on Instagram. I had been manifesting having this conversation and and here we are tonight, which is just incredible. Jamie, I want to thank you so much for being so in tune with your feminine energy with your amazingness and bringing that to us. I think that a lot of women are going to, you know, just have kind of a whole new outlook on their on their sexual power and their health and how that's really a tool for them. So thank you for being you.

Jamie:   1:1:31
It's my pleasure.

LauraAura:   1:1:33
Join me this Thursday as we take our power back and we're gonna lead right from this conversation into the next, by creating yourself care routine. Until then, if you want to check out previous episodes on the gutsy podcast or if you're interested in working one on one with me, visit and of course, you can follow me on Instagram and Facebook @thatlauraaura, and of course, until I see you next time, stay gutsy.